Beer & Ice Buckets

Custom Ice Buckets

No event is complete without custom ice buckets to keep your beverages cold and your logo visible.  Cups Online has a nice selection of ice buckets that can be customized with your logo or brand. Our ice buckets hold 5-6 bottles and/or cans and are made to last!  Great for tailgate parties, music events or any other type of event where beverages need to be kept cold and easy to reach.  

Promotional Ice Buckets are a low cost way to advertise

Next time you are at an outdoor event or even at local pub, take a look around. Chances are you'll see promotional ice buckets with business logos, advertising the event or their brand.  With a large imprint area, you can "clearly" see why custom ice buckets could be a very cost effective way to advertise.  Ice buckets are an item that tends to get reused and re-purposed so you actually extend your brand visibility beyond the event or place of business.  Now how's that for value!